Grace International School in Thailand serves 500 children, K-12. We have accepted their request to apply and volunteer for one year beginning in January 2010. Gary’s full-time job will be in computer networking, and Penny will write, edit and be a guest teacher. (See Thailand 2010 link at left)


The projects we have worked with in 2008 included ten weeks in Cameroon and four weeks in Thailand. We also were five weeks at JAARS and three weeks at SIL Dallas (no blog).

Cameroon 2008
Gary's skills with computer networking were used with the SIL Computer Services Department, while Penny worked directly with the Cameroonian organization, training and tutoring in English.

Thailand 2008
At the Grace International School Gary again worked with the server systems, while Penny did a variety of jobs from computer installation to shampooing carpets. And of course, she used her writing skills for a few additions to the school website,